The PE flanges produced by our company are formed from PE hollow rods by turning, integrally formed, with good quality, complete specifications, and a maximum diameter of 2000mm. Various non-standard flanges can be customized according to customer requirements. They can be widely used in natural gas and water delivery. , Chemical, dredging and other fields, welcome customers to inquire!


Remark  Specifications (mm)  Packing /Carton  Specifications (mm)  Packing /Carton  Specifications(mm)   Packing /Carton 
Fused Flange   50  252  160  27  400 
63  175  200  450 
75  150  225  500 
90  80  250  560 
110  48  280  630 
125  36  315     
140  27  355     



Features of HDPE pipe


1. Normal length: It can be used for more than 50 years under normal conditions.


2. Good hygiene performance: no heavy metal salt stabilizer is added, the material is non-toxic, non-scaling, and difficult to form dirt. And avoid the secondary pollution caused.


3. Excellent wear resistance: under normal conditions, its wear resistance is 4 times that of steel pipes.


4. Good corrosion resistance: In addition to very few oxidants, it can also resist a variety of chemical media.


5. Small friction coefficient and low flow resistance


6. Excellent flexibility and scratch resistance.


7. Good resistance to crack growth


8. Good welding ability-its interface strength is higher than the pipe body


9. Low cost: the project cost can be greatly reduced.



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