Advantages of PVC 90 degree elbow:

1) Light weight: The unit weight is only 1/6 of the cast iron pipe fittings, which is very convenient for transportation.

2) Manual installation: use solvent adhesive to connect, flexible connection, easy installation and reliable sealing.

3) Long length: It can reach more than 50 years under normal working pressure.

4) Low cost: low transportation and installation costs, and the total cost is 30-40% lower than cast iron pipe fittings.

5) Recycling and environmentally friendly.


1. Application


PVC fittings are suitable for a wide range of applications, including:


1) Water supply


2) Circulating water


3) Irrigation


4) Sewage treatment


5) Drainage


6) Rainwater pipeline


7) Gas


8) Industrial applications



90° Elbow Spec. (mm) Spec. (mm)
20 140
25 160
32 180
40 200
50 225
63 250A/B
75 280
90 315
110 355
125 400



UPVC/CPVC pipe construction method


1) Cutting: You can use an electric saw and a plastic pipe cutter to cut the pipe, and cut the pipe as vertically as possible to provide the largest bonding area.


2) Deburring: A cutter, file and sandpaper must be used to remove burrs on the inside and outside of the cutting edge to make the pipe and fittings tightly combined.


3) Marking: Mark all pipes according to the length and depth of the fittings to ensure that the pipes completely bottom out and enter the fittings during the assembly process.


4) Solvent coating: The bonding surface should be softened with detergent, and then cement shall be evenly coated on both sides of the bonding part.


5) Assemble: After applying cement, insert the pipe into the accessory socket while rotating the pipe a quarter turn. The pipe must be at the bottom

Keep the components for 10-15 seconds to ensure initial bonding (2 people work together to bond more than


6). There should be obvious cement around the pipes and joints.

The sleeve shoulder may indicate insufficient glue. If the amount of glue is insufficient, the seam must be cut

Drop, discard and start over. A rag can be used to wipe off the cement that exceeds the beads.



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