MPP power cable protection pipe


MPP power cable protection pipe is a construction project that lays pipes, cables and other special sections such as roads, railways, buildings and riverbeds without dredging, excavating and destroying road surfaces. To remove the disturbance of dust caused by traditional construction, such as dust and traffic jams, this technology can also lay pipelines in areas where excavation work cannot be carried out, such as historic sites, downtown areas, crops and farmland protection areas, highways, Rivers, etc.

     PP power cable protection tube has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and external pressure resistance, and is suitable for high-voltage transmission line cable pipe and pipe of 10KV or above. The common specifications for pipes are φ110~φ315, which are divided into ordinary type andreinforced type. The common type is suitable for excavation laying construction and non-excavation construction with a buried depth of less than 4M; the enhanced type is suitable for non-excavation construction with a buried depth of more than 4M.


1. urban and rural non-excavation horizontal directional drilling power pipe project, and open excavation power pipe project


2.  urban and rural non-excavation horizontal directional drilling into the sewage discharge pipe project

3. Municipal engineering, telecommunications, electricity, gas, water, heat and other pipeline projects

MPP power sheathed tube product superiority:

1. Excellent electrical insulation.
2. It has high heat distortion temperature and low temperature impact performance.
3. The tensile and compressive properties are higher than HDPE.
4, light weight, smooth, friction main force is small, can be welded by heat welding.
5, long-term use temperature of 5 ~ 70 ° C.


Mpp power sheath tube construction instructions:

1. During the transportation and construction of MPP power pipe and pipe, it is strictly forbidden to throw, impact, scribe and expose.

2. When the MPP power tube is hot-melt butt joint, the axis of the two tubes should be aligned, and the end face cutting should be vertical and flat.

3. The MPP power tube processing temperature, time, pressure, and weather conditions are adjusted accordingly.

4, MPP power pipe and pipe teaching small bending radius should be ≥ 75 pipe outer diameter.

Mpp power sheathed tube physical properties
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