HDPE Carat Pipe


(1) The Introduction Of HDPE Carat Pipe

Introduction: The carat tube is a hot-wound high-density polyethylene (HDPE) wound structure wall pipe. The wall pipe is made of high-density polyethylene resin as the main raw material, and it is made of hot-wound pop-type process with polypropylene (PP) single wall. The bellows is made of a support structure and is made of a special structural wall pipe having a high resistance to external pressure. Carat tube products can be divided into PR, OP, SQ, VW three series.


(1) The usage of Carat tube

 Municipal water supply and drainage: At present, the internal pressure of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) winding reinforced pipe can reach 12kg/cm2, which is an ideal pipe for replacing the original drainage cast iron pipe and cement pipe of the city; it is used for municipal underground drainage and sewage discharge. Rainwater collection, water delivery, ventilation, etc.; used to discharge liquid and gaseous substances into rivers or seas.

 Large-scale water conservancy projects: long-distance water transportation, farmland irrigation, siltation in the reservoir area, use of water source pipes, irrigation pipes and hydropower stations;

 Environmental protection projects: Deep sea sewage, sewage treatment, garbage dumps, detoxification pipelines. Various structural wall structures and pipes of hot-structured wall-wound tubes, inspection wells, and pipe fittings can be used in advanced shallow drainage systems due to their reliable connection properties.

 Oil industry: oil and gas pipelines.

 Coal industry: coal transportation project and various ventilation systems.

 Chemical Engineering: Chemical containers, especially corrosive fluid delivery pipes.

 Power engineering: circulating water pipelines.

 Road engineering: Crossing water culverts and crosswalks with large traffic loads such as roads and railways; used as seepage and drainage pipes for railways and highways; and methods for refinishing damaged pipelines by means of “pipe liners” more and more important.

 Agricultural engineering: farmland, orchard, tea garden and forest belt drainage and so on.

 Large airport ports and docks: Drainage, sewage pipes, etc. for large airport ports and dock projects.

 Construction: rainwater pipes, underground drainage pipes, sewage pipes, ventilation pipes, etc.

 Communication tube: railway, highway communication, communication cable, cable protection tube.

 Water storage system: a water storage system for intercepting slow water flow.

 Special application: The hot-wound wall-wound tube can also be used for special purposes such as ventilation, passage, desert, marsh, fluid transportation in the lake area, etc.

3)The Parameter Of Carat Pipe:

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