Several special properties of PE pipe

1. What is the corrosion resistance of PE pipe? Polyethylene is an inert material that is resistant to attack by a variety of chemical media. No electrochemical corrosion, no anti-corrosion layer.

2. What is the characteristic of PE pipe not leaking? The polyethylene pipe mainly adopts the fusion connection (hot melt connection or electrofusion connection), which essentially ensures the identity of the interface material and structure and the pipe body itself, and realizes the integration of the joint and the pipe material. Experiments have confirmed that the tensile strength and burst strength of the interface are higher than that of the pipe body. Compared with rubber joints or other mechanical joints, there is no joint leakage problem.

3. What is the high toughness of PE pipes? Polyethylene pipe is a kind of high toughness pipe, its elongation at break generally exceeds 500%, and it has strong adaptability to uneven settlement of pipe foundation. It is also a pipe with excellent seismic performance. In the 1995 Kobe earthquake in Japan, polyethylene gas pipes and water pipes were the only pipe systems that were spared. Therefore, after the earthquake in Japan, the use of PE pipes in the gas field was vigorously promoted.

4. Does the PE tube have excellent flexibility? The flexibility of the polyethylene allows the polyethylene tube to be coiled and supplied over a longer length without the need for various connecting fittings. For non-excavation technology construction, the direction of the polyethylene pipe can be easily changed according to the requirements of the construction method, and the original size and size can be restored after the construction.

5. How do you understand that PE pipes have good resistance to scratching? Scratches cause stress concentration in the material, causing damage to the pipe. When using trenchless technology, scratches are more difficult to avoid, whether laying new or old pipes. Recent studies have shown that PE80 grade polyethylene pipes have better resistance to slow crack growth and scratch resistance, and PE100 polyethylene pipes are more resistant to scratching. Therefore, the use of polyethylene pipes in the construction of trenchless technology is very common.

6. What is the characteristic of PE pipe with good rapid crack transmission resistance? Rapid cracking of the pipeline is an accidental accident. The crack grows rapidly at a certain speed, causing the rupture of the pipe of tens of meters or even kilometers in an instant, and the consequences are catastrophic. As early as the 1950s, several rapid cracking accidents occurred in American gas pipelines. In actual use, rapid cracking of polyethylene gas pipes has not been discovered.

In recent years, a lot of research has been carried out on the rapid cracking of pipes in the world. The results show that the ability of polyethylene pipes to resist the rapid transmission of cracks is among the best.

Created on:2019-07-09 14:16