Why is the PE water supply pipe widely used?

PE (high-density polyethylene) environmentally friendly water supply pipe is one of the most widely used and most popular pipes in the user community. In the various products produced by Jost Plastics, both the sales volume and the satisfaction, the PE water supply pipe is also They have always been the leader. So what makes PE water pipes such a big advantage? What changes has it brought to our lives compared to traditional pipes? Let's make a small introduction for everyone in detail.

The Jost PE water supply pipe adopts imported PE100 raw materials and is manufactured according to GB/T13663 standard. The product has good weldability, environmental stress crack resistance, and the performance meets the requirements of international standards and national standards. PE100 means that at 200 ° C, this grade of PE material can maintain a minimum strength (MRS) of 10 MPa after 50 years. PE80 is 8.0Mpa. With the increase of PE material grade, the wall thickness of PE15 is lower than that of PE100, and the wall thickness of PE water supply pipe is thinner, which reduces the amount of PE material. It reduces the cost and is beneficial to the application of PE water supply pipes in large diameter pipes.

PE water supply product features:

1. Long-lasting service life. Under normal conditions, the minimum life span is 50 years.

2. Good hygiene. No scaling, no bacteria, solve the secondary pollution of drinking water. Meet the safety evaluation requirements of GB/T17219.

3. It can resist corrosion of a variety of chemical media, without electrochemical corrosion.

4. The inner wall is smooth, the friction coefficient is extremely low, the passing ability of the medium is correspondingly improved and the wear resistance is excellent.

5. Good flexibility, high impact strength, strong shock resistance and distortion.

6. The unique hot-melt butt joint and hot-melt plugging technology make the interface strength higher than the pipe body, ensuring the safety and reliability of the interface.

7. The welding process is simple, the construction is convenient, and the construction cost is low.

8. Light weight, convenient transportation and installation.

Created on:2019-06-11 09:53