What types of drainage pipes are included?

What types of drainage pipes are included? A rough summary for everyone, the types of drainage pipes can be roughly divided into seven types, then the following small series will lead everyone to understand.

What types of drainage pipes are included?

1, PP, formerly known as polypropylene, is a special material for drain pipes. Its main features are high hardness, heat resistance, no aging, and the density is relatively small.

2, PVC, commonly known as poly recording ethylene, is a polymer material. It is also the most unique of the drain pipes.

3, PE, commonly known as polyethylene, is used exclusively for building water supply, drainage, gas pipelines, heating, electrical, agricultural and industrial materials.

4, plastic, in fact, is based on a resin and a variety of adjuvants, fillers and reinforcing materials, etc., under a certain technical process, processing and molding a solid material.

5, stainless steel, as the name suggests is a steel pipe that will not rust, mainly used to transport fluids, such as water, oil, neat, natural gas and so on.

What are the conditions for using an outdoor drain?

1. The inner wall is smooth and has corrosion resistance and erosion resistance.

2. A certain mechanical strength, bearing the ability to load from the soil and the ground.

3, impermeability. Commonly used outdoor drainage pipes include: concrete pipe, reinforced concrete upper pipe, drainage cast iron pipe, rigid polyvinyl chloride pipe, glazed cylinder pipe, etc., the concrete pipe diameter exceeds 400, and reinforced concrete pipe is used. Rainwater system.

Outdoor drain pipe advantages

1, good performance. It has high corrosion resistance, high impact strength, low fluid resistance, aging resistance and long service life. It is an ideal material for building drainage and chemical discharge.

2, easy to install. The weight is only 1/7 of the same diameter cast iron pipe, which can greatly speed up the project schedule and reduce construction costs.

3. The inner wall is smooth and not easy to block. The inspection port is unique in design, easy to check and operate, and does not require anything.

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